About Us

Chelsea and Chera Chaney are sisters from small town Merkel, TX who now reside (as roomies) in Dallas. They were always raised with the idea that anything is possible, and it is very important to follow your dreams no matter what the cost.

Chelsea Chaney, 25, left college when she was 19 to pursue a career in dance. Not just any career in dance, she wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. She auditioned and made the team when she was 20 years old. She was with the Cowboys for the 2012 - 2013 season, and learned tips, tricks, confidence, and made connections along the way that she loves to share with others. Her sarcastic nature, and love for graphic tees definitely shines through in Hello Chaney.


Chera Chaney, 23, graduated from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Graphic Design. After college, she pursued her dream to be in the Miss Texas pageant. She participated in local charity events and appearances as Miss Abilene Christian University, and competed in the Miss Texas pageant in 2016 where she was 5th runner up. Her talent was Speed Painting. She has a love for art, and a passion for sharing her many beauty and lifestyle secrets she has picked up through Miss Texas.

You can purchase prints of Chera's art here